A Story From God To Me….To You:

1 Aug

There are two families, seemingly the same from the outside, but very different in fact. Their homes are located in the same neighborhood and their kids go to the same school, but that is where their similarities end.

One night as God was looking down at his corrupted creation, once filled with lush green forests, healthy animals, and strong communities, he decided it was time for a big change. God decided he was going to turn all materialistic junk and man-made distractions to sand, leaving only the necessities behind.

Instantly, in a blink of an eye, homes crumbled, big TVs vanished, computers blew away, and fancy cars turned to dust! Families crawled out from the rubble in disbelief by what they saw.

How did our two, seemingly the same, yet vastly different families react? Well they reacted very differently, of course…

The first family, The Smiths, were distraught and confused at first (who wouldn’t be?), but Momma Smith, with her infinite positivity, pointed out to her husband and kids just how beautiful the sky looked without all of the city lights to drown out the stars. Mr. Smith agreed, “Yeah kids, it looks like the sky at the lake where we go camping! Here are some blankets, lets pretend we are camping out by the lake and gaze at the stars together. It will all be better tomorrow.” Mrs. Smith grabbed the blankets from her wonderful husband, and began setting the scene for her sweet little family camp out. They spent the evening telling stories, staring at the sky, and singing little songs they learned at church. As his family slipped off to sleep on their pile of sand, Mr. Smith, just thanked God for their safety, then he drifted off to sleep as well.

The second family, The Andersons, emerged from the rubble distraught and confused as well, but rather than finding a away to find peace, their distress only grew. Mrs. Anderson SCREAMED and MOANED, “OHH No! My car!! Oh and my beautiful bathroom, we just had it remodeled!! What are we going to do?? GOD what are we going to do??” Mr. Anderson, was of no comfort to his panic stricken wife, as he was simply handicapped by the loss of his huge flat screen TV, and the private man room he recently built in order to get away from his family in the evenings. The kids were a balling mess, pulling at their momma’s skirt, asking, “Mom, what happened to our TV, our playstation, our computer…? MOM!! When are we gonna get our stuff back??? MOM!! We can’t live out here like this! What are YOU going to do?”

Soon The Andersons’ frantic panic turned to a quiet hum. The family of four sat on their pile of sand with tears running down their faces, staring straight ahead in a trance; ironically much like the position they were in most evening’s, but without the mindless media to entertain them. The chance of sleep was an impossibility, for their lives were over.

After several hours passed, the devil payed a visit to The Andersons. “Oh you poor dears!” He said as he climb to top off of their sand pile. “Well, this is completely unacceptable! You all cannot live this way. Where is your TV? Your big beds? You computer’s?”  The entire family jumped up, grappled with the sand, and pulled their way toward the logically concerned man. Mrs. Anderson said, “Finally someone has come to help us! Sir, everything we love is gone! Please can you help us?”  The devil responded, “Of course I can help you. I will give you back all of your things, so you can have a restful night sleep. How does that sound?” The entire family jumped for joy, claiming they would do ANYTHING to have their stuff back!

The devil met their request and gave them beautiful bedroom sets, brand new TVs, and computers right there on the sand. The family instantly dispersed, crawled in their big luxurious beds, turned on their TV and computers, and indulged in their usual nightly rituals. Before they knew it, they were all asleep with the noise of infomercials playing softly in the background.

As the night turned to morning the sand could not take the weight of all The Andersons’ stuff. Slowly as the minutes passed, their beds sunk into the sand and they were buried beneath the rubble forever.

As the sun rose, The Smiths woke up to a gorgeous blue sky and crystal clear lake that came right up to their toes. They could not believe the beauty that was before them. They stood in amazement, quietly asking, “Where did this lake come from?”  But they all knew it was God, they had seen his works before.

Just then, two boats floated up to the shore. One was a modest little row boat and the other was a majestically beautiful ship. The kids hollered in unison, “WOW! Look at that big ship! Should we get on?”  Mrs. Smith said, “No babies, lets leave that ship for all other families. Im sure someone else will need it.”  Mr Smith nodded and smiled, “Kids that row boat has our name on it. Come on lets see where it takes us!”

They jumped in the boat….and followed the SON…..


One Response to “A Story From God To Me….To You:”

  1. Meredith August 1, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    Wow! That little story sums up what is most important in life right there. Thanks for sharing that! 🙂 I love you!

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