Florida Oh Florida..How I Love You Florida…

2 Sep

From Kansas to Florida..also known as…From Hell to Heaven! Haha! Many of you know I am a Tennessee girl but lived the last two years in Manhattan, Kansas. It was a very tough two years. It was never designed to be an easy situation for me. Stephen deployed right away and I soon learned that Kansas was not the place for a girl with seasonal depression. The winters in Kansas start in the fall and end late spring, they are brutally cold and obnoxiously snowy. The summers are sizzling hot and dry, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I have always been a heat addict, so I was thrilled when we got orders to Florida!

Ever since I realized that I suffered from seasonal depression, Florida became my dream. I had seen it work wonders in my Dad’s life. He is the one that passed seasonal depression down to me, and since he has been spending his winters in Florida he seems to be a new man. So needless to say when we got the good news that we were relocating, I was beyond excited! Let me say it has been all that I expected and more.

I have never felt more in my element. The sun stings my skin and I feel free! In the morning I like to get up, have some coffee, and then drive down to the beach. Its about a 7 minute drive, which is nothing. The sand is fresh from the night tide and the sun is still low in the sky. The seashells are scattered face up ready to be collected and the seagulls are on the prowl for little crabs. Its absolutely gorgeous!! Usually at this time there are a few sun bathers reading their books in their lounge chairs, but I am the only runner. Most of the runners have already came and gone but I like to wait for a bit more heat to fill up the air. As I jog toward the sun I can trace the footsteps of the joggers that hit the sand before me (You can tell who was running by the tracks they leave). I like to compete with them in my mind. A couple miles down the sand I am all alone and it is simply stunning! Once I reach my goal and decided to turn around, I like to just stare out over the ocean for a minute. It is truly remarkable to stand at the cusp of two entirely different worlds. Here I am on land, with my toes touching a world that is nothing like my own. We take the ocean for granted because it is so close, but truth be told its as far away as Mars. We cannot live in the ocean, we can only observe it, visit it, put our special suits on to explore it. We will continually be amazed by it as we find new life and new depths. When I stand in the sand and the waves crush against my legs I am reminded of the miraculous place I am standing and wonder how close I am to heaven as well.

Other than the morning runs on the beach I am drawn there, like a moth to a flame, almost daily. From my street you can see the water and it gets me all amped up for a beach trip even if its just for a few minutes. Everyday the ocean is different. Somedays its wavy and dark green with sea weed, other days its calm and clear. Last week I went with Katie and we were blessed to see a gorgeous pack of dolphins. We saw them jumping and playing from the beach and then again from the pier. The angle from the pier was spectacular! We could see straight through the water and watch as they spun, played, and jumped. I had never been so amazed. We also had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful sea turtle and several large schools of fish. It was a wonderful day.

In addition to the obvious reason why Florida is great, I am also fascinated by all the litter creatures I have in my backyard, from lizards to salamanders to frogs and gorgeous dragonflies. The birds are beautiful as well!

Even though I have had to spend a lot of time alone because of Stephen’s job, I am truly happy here. I know they say if you are happy you can be happy anywhere…or some crap like that…Well I believe that is true to a point, but I know that certain places pick certain people and this place has PICKED me!! The girl who loves God, Nature, and all the Animals of the world couldn’t be happier 🙂


3 Responses to “Florida Oh Florida..How I Love You Florida…”

  1. Auntie B September 2, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    You have an amazing gift to write. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Hey, I have the “winter blues” too. So I got it from my brother, huh? Can’t wait to retire and feel the heat 🙂

    • alainasmiles September 2, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

      Haha!! Listen now! Don’t tell Dad he has seasonal depression because he has no idea and would NEVER admit it!!! HAHAHA!!! Thank you for the compliments about my writing, that is extremely encouraging 🙂 Oh and If you have the winter blues you can come cure them here 🙂

  2. Des September 2, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    Well, then it must run in the family. I have it too. I’m already trying to talk myself out of it EARLY b/c we’ve basically had a really crappy year for weather. Summer, if it arrives, always rejuvenates me and by fall/winter I’m ready for the weather change. But when summer does NOT arrive and we only get like 4 days of it, it’s depressing…. Today the sun is out, so I’m embracing it! But my mood is completely and totally run by the weather. IT’s just awful…. Ok, enough about me – ha! I LOVED your blog entry today and am soooooo happy for you. You deserve it!!! And what a fab place to live during this time in your life while you can fully embrace it, and while Stephen is away, you have the beautiful sun and beach to keep you uplifted. (And your pups too of course!) There’s nothing like watching a dog do their “crazy dog” run around in the sand…. You are beautiful Alaina!!!

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