Gods At War

8 Apr

Last week I travelled to Nashville to reunite with a very dear friend of mine. I was taking the trip solo this time, so I decided to download the audio version of the next book on my reading list “Gods At War” by Kyle Idleman. This book defines several ‘false gods’ in our modern culture and how we worship them. False gods are nothing new to me, but my pull toward them is strong. So I intently pursue reading material like this to remind me of their destruction.

The book goes into several false gods (idols): Pleasure, success, money, food, sex, entertainment….you know the usuals

But the most profound message that I walked away with was our human desire to worship. It is deep within our DNA to worship and if we think by not worshipping God, we are not worshipping at all…..well we are wrong. We are all worshipping something!

{Side note: I have to mention that after returning home, my pastor preached on this exact topic the very next Sunday. Not a coincidence!}

Kyle asks the reader to look at their life like a closet. Everything hanging inside we worship (For many of us ladies, this doesn’t even have to read as a metaphor..lol). Our society tells us by simply cramming God in our closet, we are fine! That covers it!! All our gods tucked nicely inside….

What gods hang among the one true God in your closet?

I had to take a deeper look at this one.

I surveyed my past and my present very closely and examined the various paths my idols had taken me down. The discovery was remarkable. I was lured in by the same message and left defeated and depleted every time. Not sometimes, EVERY TIME! 

The only God that is Truth and Honestly tells us from the very beginning, “This will be hard, you will experience trials, I will refine you through the fire, and people will turn against you, but I will give you pure joy, peace, love, happiness, and eternal life in return.” Ok wait a second!!! All these other gods (The TV, this double fudge brownie, extreme diets and gym binges, video games, alcohol, and drugs), they tell me I can have all that great stuff you mention at the end without having to go through the suffering in the beginning. So why would I choose your way?– Deep inside we all know the answer to this. How do all of those “other gods” make you feel after you had your ‘high’? Bad, exhausted, not good enough, ashamed, disappointed….here is the best one: still searching? There will always be a void at the end of all these false gods. If you don’t believe me start looking for it, you will see. Our God fills that void instantly! He is the only one who can. The void is shaped in his image.

As I have worked to purge myself of the lies, and focus on his amazing love, “the truth”, I am reminded of David’s cup that “runneth over”(Psalm 23:5). For that is how I feel every day. I don’t worship God out of obligation or because what he promises me. I worship him because I love him. Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John tell the story of my God in human form. They share his life and his sacrifice. What I see is the coolest, kindest, most amazing man I have ever read about, heard about, or met! I want to be just like him. I want to love others the way he did, and I want to forgive freely as he did. I want to run out in the streets, grab his cross and carry it with him. I want to spend the day with my face cupped in his nail pierced hands. I want to hear his voice, as he tells me who I am to him. I just want to be with him every second of every day. 🙂

There is no amount of worldly striving that can satisfy the way striving to be near the creator can. 

So I am not clearing my closet out of obligation to an old testament law, I am clearing my closet out of love. In the morning when I rise, he is all I want to cover me. My prayer is that as the world continues to bombard me with images that claim to satisfy, that I will stay reminded of the truth…the truth that is in him.


(Gods At War. Kyle Idleman. 2013. http://www.godsatwar.com).



3 Responses to “Gods At War”

  1. Steven Disser April 8, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    Very insightful. My pastor wrote a book called Empty Promises. The premise is very similar to what you’re describing here. Opens your eyes to the things you hold as idols in your life, the things that you find your identity in without even realizing it. You’re a good writer, by the way! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kandis Florian April 9, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    Thank you for your thoughtful post here…I NEED, we ALL NEED this encouragement. I have been inspecting my closet closely the last few weeks, and what I find inside are like the comfortable clothes that feel so good when I put them on, but look hideous, so I don’t wear them out in public. Some are a bit flashy, a bit revealing that make me feel sexy and certainly attract attention, and some are just to hide in. This is where I am now: When I need comfort, I go to those gods hanging in my closet, I look at them, contemplate putting them on, I even run my fingers over them (sometimes longingly) but know they don’t flatter–they expose me and show parts of me I don’t like to see in the mirror. So I don’t put them on. However, I also don’t take them out of my closet. What I am learning: If I take these gods OUT of my closet, I will not be left with nothing to wear! When I put on Jesus’ robe of righteousness, I am clothed in glowing white, sinless, blameless glory that shines a light far brighter and more beautiful than my own. His grace is sufficient for me–My True God fills every desire in my heart!

    • alainasmiles April 9, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Praise The Lord Yes! I love the honesty…and your wardrobe looks A LOT Like mine! Haha!! I think you would really love this book. I had so many, “No! I hope you aren’t talking to me God” moments. Which aren’t those the best? hehe 🙂 I Love you!!

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